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Saint colmcille.

Saint Colmcille. Fine art print. Early Irish saint


Let Nature be your guide. Fine art print.

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Saint Ninnidh. Fine art print.


Saint Ninnidh.

Fine art print.

A4. 8.3 x 11.7 inches


Saint Ninnidh.

Fine art print.

A4. 8.3 x 11.7 inches

All prints are signed by the artist.

Saint Ninnidh, also known as St. Ninnian or St. Ninian, was a sixth-century Irish monk who played a significant role in spreading Christianity throughout Scotland. He is considered to be one of the earliest missionaries to the region and is credited with converting many of the Picts, a group of Celtic-speaking people who inhabited what is now modern-day Scotland. St. Ninnidh is also known for establishing a monastery at Whithorn, which became a center of religious and cultural activity in the area.

Although little is known about the specifics of St. Ninnidh’s life, his legacy as a missionary and a builder of churches is well-documented in historical accounts and religious texts. He is often depicted as a humble and devout individual who dedicated his life to spreading the teachings of Christianity to those who had not yet heard the word of God. St. Ninnidh’s efforts were instrumental in laying the foundations for the Christian faith in Scotland, and his work continues to be celebrated and honored by believers to this day.

In conclusion, Saint Ninnidh’s contributions to the spread of Christianity in Scotland are a testament to his commitment to his faith and his unwavering dedication to sharing the message of Jesus Christ with others. His legacy as a missionary and a builder of churches continues to inspire Christians around the world, and he is remembered as a holy figure who played a crucial role in the establishment of the Christian faith in Scotland. Saint Ninnidh’s example serves as a reminder of the power of faith and the impact that one individual can have in bringing about positive change in the world.

Inspired by the lives of the Early Irish Saints. Part of an ongoing series.

The Island where Saint Ninnidh settled was called Inismacsaint.


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