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The Sacred Rose. Original art work.


Parsifal. Original artwork

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Niamh. Original artwork.



Original artwork.

Watercolour and Graphite and ink.

A4. 8.3 X 11.7 inches

Original artwork comes with custom frame and free shipping worldwide.

Inspired by the ancient history of Ireland and its mythology.



Niamh and her arrival on mortal soil. Inspired by the mythology of ancient Ireland.

Original artwork was created with pencil, ink and watercolour on paper.

A4. 8.3 X 11.7 inches.

Upon purchase the original will be costumed framed and prepared for shipping.

In Irish mythology, Niamh is a prominent figure known for her beauty, grace, and mystical powers. She is often depicted as a goddess or fairy, with supernatural abilities such as the power to control the seas and travel between the earthly realm and the Otherworld. Niamh is particularly associated with Tir na nOg, the Land of Youth, a mythical island where time stands still and eternal youth and happiness reign. She is also known for her role in various myths and legends, often acting as a benevolent and wise guide to heroes and seekers of adventure.

One of Niamh’s most famous stories is her romance with Oisin, a legendary Irish warrior and poet. According to the legend, Niamh appeared to Oisin on a white horse and invited him to accompany her to Tir na nOg. Entranced by her beauty and the promise of eternal bliss, Oisin agreed and they embarked on a journey to the Otherworld. However, when Oisin eventually returned to the earthly realm, he discovered that centuries had passed and all his friends and loved ones were long gone. This tale of love, loss, and the passage of time encapsulates the enduring power and mystique of Niamh in Irish mythology.

Overall, Niamh’s character in Irish mythology embodies themes of beauty, desire, and the mystical allure of the Otherworld. She represents the eternal longing for youth, bliss, and a connection to the divine that transcends the limitations of mortal existence. Through her stories and legends, Niamh continues to inspire poets, artists, and dreamers with her timeless appeal and enchanting presence in the rich tapestry of Irish folklore and myth.


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