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Seamus Mc Ardle is an artist and author hailing from the folklore rich lands of Louth, the home of the Táin and Cú Chulainn. A world of myth and legend that has inspired and fueled his imagination.

He has written and published an entirely original book that, much like his art, attempts to go deeper, beyond the known and expected. Fully illustrated by the artist, Origin of the First Fairy is a genesis of the folklore motif that opens up a realm of enchantment and discovery.

Inspired by myth and nature and the symbolism found in both, Seamus uses colour and shape to describe the many world’s and ideas of the human experience. His objective is to extract the essence of a subject, an idea and describe it in pure tones of colour and form, to take the viewer with him on a journey past the anticipated and on to wherever the road leads.

Latest Work