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Saint Patrick, fine art print, based on the lives of the Early Irish Saints

Saint Patrick. Fine art print.


Saint Brendan the Navigator. Fine art print

St Brendan the Navigator

Saint Ita. Fine art print.


Saint Ita.

Inspired by the lives of the Early Irish Saints.

Fine art print.


Saint Ita.

Inspired by the lives of the Early Irish Saints.

Fine art print.

A4. 8.3 x 11.7 inches.

All prints are signed by the artist.

Saint Ita, also known as Saint Mida, is a revered figure in Irish Christian history. Born in the sixth century, she was known for her piety, humility, and dedication to serving God. Ita was a noblewoman who renounced her wealth and lived a life of prayer and contemplation. She is said to have founded a convent in County Limerick, where she dedicated herself to teaching and caring for the poor.

As a symbol of holiness and virtue, Saint Ita is often associated with miracles and acts of charity. She is believed to have possessed the gift of prophecy and healing, and many people sought her intercession for various ailments and troubles. Ita was known for her compassion and generosity towards those in need, and she was greatly respected by both the clergy and the laity for her devout life and exemplary faith.

Despite facing many challenges and hardships in her lifetime, Saint Ita remained steadfast in her faith and devotion to God. She is remembered as a beacon of light and hope in the early Irish church, inspiring many to follow her example of selflessness and service to others. Today, Saint Ita is venerated as a patron saint of Ireland and continues to be revered for her spiritual wisdom and compassion towards all.


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