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Jonah and the whale. Original oil and canvas painting.

Jonah and the whale original contemporary symbolism painting

The Sea. Original oil on canvas painting.


The Sea.

Original oil on canvas painting.

Comes with custom frame and free shipping.


The Sea.

Original oil on canvas painting.

A contemporary symbolism work .

14 x 12 inches.

Upon purchase the painting will be custom framed and prepared for shipping.

The sea has long been a powerful symbol in literature and art, representing both the unknown and the vast potentials of life. In many cultures, the sea is often associated with freedom, adventure, and the mysterious depths of the human soul. The sea can be a metaphor for the journey of life, with its ebbs and flows, storms and calm waters, and the constant evolution and change that we all experience. It can also be a symbol of renewal and rebirth, as the tides bring in new beginnings with each cycle.

In mythology and folklore, the sea is often portrayed as a place of great power and danger, with stories of mythical creatures, shipwrecks, and lost civilizations. The sea can also be a symbol of the unconscious mind, with its depths representing the hidden thoughts and emotions that lie beneath the surface of our consciousness. In this way, the sea can be a source of inspiration and insight, as we navigate the complexities of our inner selves and the world around us.

The sea can also be a symbol of connection and unity, as it is a vast expanse that connects all corners of the earth. It is a reminder of the interdependency of all living things and the importance of working together to protect and preserve the natural world. Through its vastness and power, the sea can serve as a reminder of our own limitations and the need for humility in the face of nature’s grandeur. Ultimately, the sea is a symbol of the infinite possibilities and mysteries of life, calling us to explore, discover, and embrace the beauty and challenges that lie ahead.


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