Comic books

Irish graphic novel about a knights Templar

Lost in the Desert.
A tale about a Knights Templar who fights a spiritual battle.
65 page story all drawn by hand in pen and ink.
Publication information coming soon.

Style test for Lost in the Desert.
When the thumbnails of the story for the graphic novel were completed by the American writer and cartoonist Ben Ravelo, it was time to try out different styles that might suit the story line. At first we went for the digital style above and then to mixed media, finally after many experiments we agreed on a hand drawn black and white style of comic book. The hand drawn style seemed to add more depth to the story and worked out well in the end. More details about future publication coming soon.

Irish Graphic Novel.
Set in Ireland in 1874, the story of a humble farmer who journeys from his land to fight against tyranny.
Page test for a future project.

The God Furnace.
Test page for my latest project.
A science fiction Graphic Novel set in Ireland in the year 1900.
Currently working on story layout and design thumbnails.
More details coming soon.

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