Seamus Mc Ardle Illustration

Parzival 3000. Interactive fiction cover design.

Media: Digital illustration

Dimensions: 19x12

Parzival 3000.

Interactive fiction cover design.

A new game in the making, a choose your own adventure game, will be using Twine to make the finished game. At the moment i am sketching out characters and fleshing out the world as well as doing some cover illustrations tests to get a feel for the enviroment.

I will be using the Twine book written by Melissa Ford.

Hope to have the interactive fiction game finished by the end of this year or early 2020.


Character design sheet for Parzival 3000. Created with Krita 4.

From the Parzival 3000 notebook.

Character design doodle sketch idea for one of the creatures who inhabit a far off planet.



Robotic sidekick.


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