Seamus Mc Ardle

The old knight and the blue rose. Illustration book cover design.

Media: Ink, gouach and mixed media on heavy paper.

Dimensions: 12" x 8"

The old knight and the blue rose. Illustration

Cover design for a personal short story.

Original artwork is for sale.

“The old knight and the blue rose. A short story about a knight who lives in a wealthy kingdom who leaves his home to go in search of a blue rose. “Long ago there was a wealthy young knight who had all he desired. He dwelt in a great castle and had servants that attended to his every need. The gardens of his kingdom were vast and had all the finest plants and flowers of the world. There was one flower his garden he did not possess but this was not know to him.”

A preview is available in the link below.

book c

Cover design for The Old Knight and the Blue Rose.


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