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A selection of self published short stories and illustrated books.

Origin of the First Fairy

An illustration from Origin of the First Fairy.

Origin Of The First Fairy opens up a fantastical world of adventure. When an evil king sends Fuchsia, one of the little people, into the deep dark forest. The reader will be seized by delight or dread at each twist of the tale. Each revelation on the journey will bring Fushsia closer to the enchanting finale.
All the images in the book are hand drawn and colored. It’s an Irish self published book.
The story is set in ancient Ireland long before the Mythologies we know of today. Origin of the First Fairy is part of a three book series that ultimately leads to the little people coming into contact with human beings. Book two is currently being created at the moment and hopefully will be released in late 2017. Ireland is well know for it’s stories of Fairy’s and other worldly beings. Origin of the First Fairy is different in that it show where the mythical beings come from and goes in depth into there lives.

Stranger Pig

book cover design


Stranger pig started as a bedtime story for my kids and they asked if it could be made into a book series. C. Thomas Smith provided the writing for the new series and did an amazing job of bringing the world to life, i provided the cover art and interior illustrations. We are currently working on book three.

One stormy night in the valley of the Bears, a lone wolf huffed and puffed. He probably should have just used the door, but he didn’t. Instead, he used the chimney and, well, that was a very bad idea.

“What came next is a whole different story…
Something big is happening, and not for the better. Unless some unlikely heroes pig-up.
The Three Little Pigs just want to celebrate not getting eaten but when a stranger enters their lives and wrecks their house, hot chocolate and marshmallows are the last thing on their mind. The wolves are coming. And their bacon is in the trotters of a total stranger.”

The Dragon Ruby. Book 2 

Pig book illustration cover design



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